admin on 11 November 2022

How does hair loss come about?

A healthy scalp contains approximately one hundred thousand hairs. In adults, a loss of 100-150 hairs per day is considered normal depending on washing and combing. hair loss; It can occur due to hormonal, dietary factors, exposure to chemical substances, genetic predisposition, systemic diseases, hair growth disorders, medications, stress and scalp diseases. In a healthy person, hair loss can last up to 2 months. If the hair loss that repeats 3 times a year lasts more than 2 months, professional help should be sought.

​​What hair transplant techniques are there?

Hair loss can be a problem for any age group for a variety of reasons. With the developing technology, different methods can be used to treat this condition. Which of these methods is suitable for the patient is analyzed and then the personalized treatment process begins.

Although the number of hair transplant techniques is increasing day by day, there are two most popular and preferred techniques: FUE and DHI.

What are the differences between FUE and DHI techniques?

In both techniques, live hair follicle transplantation is performed and applied under local anesthesia. The reason the methods are divided into two is because of the difference in hair removal style from the donor area. The most preferred and most developed method among the hair transplant methods is the FUE technique. FUE involves the collection of hair follicles that are taken one at a time from the nape of the neck. After keeping the extracted hair follicles in a cold environment with a special solution, the area to be transplanted is prepared for the operation, then the hair follicles are placed in the area. Although the procedure time is increased with the FUE technique, the advantages of this technique are that the healing process is faster and there is no scar left after the operation.

The DHI method, on the other hand, means “direct hair transplantation”. It is a new technique among hair transplant methods. The DHI method is basically used together with the FUE technique. Hair follicles collected one by one using the FUE method are transplanted using the DHI method. The difference of this method to the FUE method is that thanks to the special pen, the hair transplantation can be done at the same time. This shortens the processing time and at the same time increases the success rate. Another advantage of the DHI method is that it allows dense and frequent sowing. It can be applied not only to the areas where the hair loss occurs completely, but also as a hair tightening method.